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How to eSign a Document

If you are wondering how to eSign a document, it is definitely easier than the lengthier alternative of printing, signing, scanning and finally emailing the document to the intended recipients. There has been a sharp increase in the use of e-signatures due to its contribution in ease of doing business while ensuring the safety, security and cost effectiveness of signed documents.

That’s the reason behind the global popularity of the trending search term “How to eSign a Document” as more startups, entrepreneurs & businesses from US, UK and India are curious to learn about it.

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We have to understand the concept of eSign first before knowing the in-depth process of eSigning a document.

What is eSign?

eSign or eSignature refers to data in electronic form which is a legal way to get approval or consent on electronic documents (Sources : laptops, Tablets, Smartphone) and is used by the signatory to replace handwritten signatures in virtually every personal or business process.

eSign provides the same legal standing like a handwritten signature and is legal, enforceable and trusted by countries all over the world, as it adheres to the specific regulation requirements under which it was created. These reasons make eSign extremely safe & secure for business transactions anytime from anywhere.

Why eSign a document?

Secure online services: eSign service can only be accessed by users that have been authenticated using e-KYC services. To prevent misuse and fraud of eSign, the private keys of esign users are destroyed immediately after one time use.

Easy to implement: eSign records the e-KYC ID to verify the identity of the signer and provides configurable authentication options for eKYC that includes the OTP or biometric details of the e-KYC service provider enabling the eSign users to get easy access to legally valid Digital Signature service.

Easier access to legally valid signatures: eSign process includes the signer consent, digital Signature Certificate issuance request and digital Signature creation ensuring assured access to legally valid signatures only.

Respects Privacy: eSign ensures privacy of the signer by requiring that only the thumbprint of the document be submitted for signature function instead of the whole document.

How to eSign a Document online?

LunarPen is the best eSignature app trusted by top companies that lets you electronically sign all the documents, safely, securely and absolutely free of cost to manage your contracts and drive business seamlessly.

Take a look at the simple step by step process to eSign documents:

  • Create or upload a document:

You can upload the documents by using different options like:

Upload File button – Go to My computer, select the drive and trace the file location to upload the file in pdf, text, doc, docx, csv, xlx, png & jpg formats.

Select Templates – Use in-built templates for invoice, sales letter and reuse them. Share templates to your team members to save time and upload custom documents quickly.

Google Drive & Dropbox – LunarPen gives you industry first features to upload documents directly from the cloud either by using Google drive or Dropbox authentication.

After the documents are uploaded, a preview of the document will appear as a thumbnail.

  • Use the Signed document sharing feature:

LunarPen makes your day to day task easier by sharing two different options to share the signed document.

My Sign: This option gives you the flexibility to share the signed document created by you with a closed group of people to receive the documents in private.

MySelf & Others: If you have a document that needs your sign as well as the signature of other professionals then this option is useful.

  • Send for Signature:

Once you have selected any of the two options, you have to fill out details like subject & message to explain the agenda of the signed documents to the recipients. Finally, Click “Prepare doc for signing” once done.

  • Use the LunarPen interface to sign your document:

LunarPen gives you advanced options to insert different fields needed for signing a document like Name, initials, Signature, Signature date and the checkbox.

LunarPen gives you customized options to draw, write and upload your signature using LunarPen Signature field. It’s one click options enable you to use customized signature for all kinds of documents.

After you have inserted the signature in the document using the signature field and clicked Send, the signed document is sent on the specified emails and you get to see the summary of the shared document like the one shown below.

  • Receive signed document on emails:

The signed document is received by both the signee and the recipients on email in below format ensuring that only the added email ids get the opportunity to view & access the esign document on the LunarPen app safely and securely.

Is eSigning a document safe?

LunarPen uses advanced audit trail features to preserve the information related to editing, sending and signing documents in seconds. This makes it possible to track and audit the digital signatures transparently, so that each transaction can be traced.

To ensure security throughout the signing and verification process:

  • Each party is authenticated via a private code sent via SMS to offer vital security & protection to online users
  • Data is encrypted and stored using industry- standard 256-bit HTTPS advanced encryption making it difficult for hackers to breach it
  • Signed document can be accessed and viewed only by authenticated personnel on LunarPen platform
  • Our e-signature application complies with eSign acts to prevent data leaks & make it threat proof
  • Qualified advanced electronic signature (AES) ensures protection against forgery as signature creation data is used only once

Are you ready to eSign a document?

Now you know the concepts of electronically signing a document which is the safest way to sign crucial documents without the fear of signee data getting leaked to the third person. eSigning a document not only saves cost & time but improves user convenience and addresses privacy concerns as well.

It is important for professionals to align towards the best solution to remain consistent and competitive in the market. LunarPen is a smart business-friendly document management solution that
empower organizations to accelerate their business processes, minimize cost, and maximize productivity.

Click Now to securely create delivers eSign and manage your documents with LunarPen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is an eSign document?

eSign document means an electronically signed document in PDF, Doc, Xls formats. Such documents are signed using an ePen, mouse, or finger movement on any smartphone, laptop & Tablet securely using an e signature app protected by 256-bit HTTPS advanced encryption.

  What is the purpose of esigning a document?

Its purpose is to authenticate and quickly identify the person who has initiated the written communication and ensure a secure exchange of information between different parties. The esignature made by an individual on the document signifies knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation.

  What are the benefits of an electronic signature?

These are the significant benefits of using electronic signature:

1) Save Costs: Save time in doing paperwork, printing, scanning, mailing, delivering, and storing the document
2) Save Time: Saves you from age-old rituals of paperwork. Going digital saves a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.
3) Legal Compliance: Electronic signatures are legally binded and acceptable all over the world.
4) Mobility: A significant advantage of eSignatures is helping businesses function irrespective of location & time.

  How can I eSign documents for free?

Follow these simple steps to eSign a document for free:

Step 1: Click LunarPen to open a free account
Step 2: Create or upload a document using templates, Google Drive & Dropbox
Step 3: Use the signed document sharing feature
Step 5: Send the document for signature
Step 6: Use the LunarPen interface to esign your documents for free
Step 7: Receive signed documents by email

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