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Why Your Organization Needs an E-Signature Solution?

The year 2019 is coming to an end. At such a time, you should rethink your business model and aim at the introduction of new changes. In this condition, you have to note the need for e-signature for your business. Why? You must know the importance of digital transformation for the sustainability of a business in the present times. Therefore, you can take a prominent step towards the digital transformation of a business through the decision to implement paperless solutions.

The use of electronic signatures can help considerably in achieving the objective of digital transformation easily. Is it that simple? You may have certain doubts about the need for electronic signature for the organization right now, don’t you? Therefore, the following discussion would aim at presenting some of the notable details regarding the reasons for which your organization needs an e-signature solution.

Importance of the Adoption of E-signature

Before exploring the need for electronic signature for an organization, let us reflect on the definition of e-signature. Electronic signature or e-signature is data in the electronic form that has a logical association with other data in the electronic form. The electronic signature is ideal for signing and is valid, just like handwritten signatures. The ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act 2000 serves as the legal basis for e-signatures.

In addition, other electronic signature regulations, such as EIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) in the EU, also prove the legality of e-signatures. So, you can be sure of the fact that electronic signatures can be valid methods for supporting business transactions. While reflecting on the need for e-signature for your business, you should also know clearly about digital signatures.

A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism for the implementation of electronic signatures. Another important factor that can establish the importance of electronic signature is evident in its objectives. The objective of an e-signature refers to faster authentication for a document with an explicitly recognizable identifier. The best thing is that you don’t need paper or pen for business transactions with an electronic signature.

Why There is a Need for E-Signature in Your Organization?

Therefore, you could fulfill one of the prerequisites for digital transformation by opting for the use of e-signatures. On the other hand, you may have certain doubts regarding the security concerns with the use of electronic signatures. So, the following pointers can help in providing you some assurance about the use of electronic signature in your business.

  • Better Engagement of Customer, Employees, and Audience

The intense competition in the present marketplace increases the need for e-signature solutions for businesses. Every business in almost every industry focuses on new and improved approaches for engaging their customers. Now, smartphones, mobile apps, and tablets are everywhere, and so, the “perfect” user-experience exists only in an ideal context.

Businesses have to find new ways of attracting their customers on every channel for engagement through streamlining the complete customer experience. Satisfied customers would directly lead to repeat business and referrals that are significant for the bottom line of any business. The influence of e-signature adoption on customer satisfaction is strong. For example, organizations could streamline their hiring processes by using e-signature solutions, thereby increasing the satisfaction of candidates.

In addition, the answer to ‘why use electronic signatures’ also refers to the features of speed and convenience. E-signatures provide convenience and speed that can ensure better productivity for employees in your organization. The impact of e-signature adoption would be the same for a small organization selling consumer products and services or large enterprises having advanced supply and distribution chains.

Still confused about adopting electronic signatures? Check out these top reasons to adopt electronic signature for your business.

  • Better Sales and Greater Profits

The next important aspect for ‘why use electronic signatures’ refer directly to greater profits. The digitalization of sales processes improves the speed of sales cycles alongside improving win rates. A large amount of waiting for paper documents signing and transfer could impose a highly negative impact on sales cycle speed. In the meantime, customers could find the right cause for changing their minds and choose another business.

Therefore, the need for e-signature solutions becomes clearly evident. Smart sales for any business should involve proactive actions and responsive business decisions. Therefore, digital agreements could help customers sign agreements anywhere and anytime at their convenience. The use of e-signatures also provides prominent benefits to sales representatives and support staff by reducing the burden of paperwork.

Therefore, the benefits of electronic signature in the automation of proposals, contracts, and other customer documents could help sales representatives. They could stop chasing the signatures and thus save time for focusing emphatically on sales only. Since e-signature takes away the obstacle of the need for physical signatures, sales processes automatically become faster in an organization.

For example, Salesforce has shown a 30% year-on-year growth over the last three years without including sales-operations headcount with e-signature. In addition, service professionals, as well as other small enterprises, could use e-signatures for closing deals quickly with appealing profits.

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  • Improved Value for Money

The following important reason to validate the need for e-signature solutions for a business refers to value with e-signature solutions. Time is money, and no one could deny this fact. So, when you keep waiting for paper documents signing and returning to you, you lose time and money. In addition, you also risk the idling of resources alongside holding up important processes and deals for a longer duration.

On the other hand, the benefits of electronic signature could help in cost reduction and time-saving. In addition, you can also do away with equipment for the printing, mailing and faxing as well as costs of paper. E-signatures help many enterprises save around millions of dollars every year. Some studies have clearly shown that the use of e-signature solutions help in obtaining benefits in the amount of $36 per document.

The benefits are also evident in the form of revenue gains, hard dollar savings, and productivity. Just think of multiplying the cost savings by thousands, or even millions of documents per year. Then you could learn about the importance of electronic signature. For example, Microsoft gains almost $7.3 million in the form of hard-cost savings annually through the use of e-signature solutions.

The need for e-signature solutions for your business is clearly visible in the potential for increasing efficiency and streamlining workflows. The outcomes of efficiency involve notable indications of limited errors in filling out forms and information entry in databases. Not only Microsoft, small and medium enterprises could also realize some savings with respect to their total costs.

It is important to look into the security factors while choosing an electronic signature solution for your business. Here are the top points you should consider while choosing an e-signature vendor.

  • Better Security and Safety

The need for e-signature in an organization is also evident in the requirements for improved security and safety. Paper documents are not safe and are subject to a wide range of security threats such as theft, destruction, tampering, or misplacing. So, the need for e-signature becomes clearly evident in the case of highly sensitive business documents.

E-signatures have different advanced security protocols in place for sending, receiving, and storage of your documents. E-signatures provide not only flexible document signing but also the facility of recording important evidence about particular transactions. The audit trail with every e-signature transaction helps in verifying the identity of signatories, their activities in the transaction, and timestamps for different activities.

  • Faster and Better Decision-making

Critical business decisions receive the most reasonable advantage of e-signature solutions. The need for e-signature for an organization provides not only the benefits of cost-savings, productivity, and efficiency but also faster decision making. Paper documents slow down the process of implementing critical business decisions due to the requirements of approval and signature of different stakeholders.

Subsequently, the impact of the decision on the business could also delay by a considerable gap of time. As a result, the decision loses its momentum over time, and you don’t get the desired result. On the other hand, the use of electronic signature can speed up the process of approval of decisions.

  • Eco-friendly Solution

The emphasis on the need for e-signature solutions for a business is also valid on the grounds of environment friendliness. The e-signature solutions do not require any paper, thereby exercising the least impact on the environment. The reduced use of paper could also be helpful for saving many trees from unnecessary felling for paper production.

In addition, it also provides a convenient method for conducting transactions. How? Almost everyone, including employees and customers, uses mobile phones, and they want a better way of conducting business on phones. Therefore, e-signature serves as the right alternative that can give this experience to employees and customers.

Therefore, we can clearly note that e-signature solutions are the ideal instrument for the digital transformation of a business. Most important of all, e-signatures also show adequate prospects for the long-term transition of businesses to the digital front.

Final Words

The times of signing on the dotted line are long gone. Now, the need for e-signature solution is the priority of every business for entering the digital age. Most important of all, e-signatures also have legal authenticity and credibility according to various e-signature regulations in different countries.

So, the aim of businesses should always align with the requirements emerging in the digital business environment. Businesses have to evaluate the competitive rivalry in their respective markets and find out the most efficient path for e-signature adoption. Saving physical effort, time, and cost- there are various benefits in the adoption of e-signature solutions for a business. So, give it a try!

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Electronic Signature is the Future of Business Contract Signing

An electronic signature needs no introduction. In fact, it is already quite acknowledged. It has appeared as the aptest successor of the traditional methods. Esignature and business contract signing are trending and considered to be the future at all levels. The biggest assurance is achieved through the E-sign act. In a technology-dominated era, this is indeed a great concept. One may not hesitate to accept it in the future.

However, there are various dimensions that are essential to be analyzed. The transition phase is obvious to be challenging for any aspect. The same has to be the case about esignature and business contract signing as well. There remain various factors, starting from the budget to feasibility that has to be analyzed. The following aspects throw more light on this aspect.

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Here’s Why Electronic Signature is the Future of Business Contract Signing

1. Perfect for contemporary business Practices

Digitization has grasped the entire business segment so effectively that no functionality is looking feasible without it. It’s just quite impossible to think about a business operation without web connectivity. Usage of communication modes like email has become conventional these days, at even the rural level. Needless is to talk about the impact of smartphones in modern times. On such occasions, esignature and business contract signing being the future is very much acceptable.

2. Incredibly accessible

Modern-day business groups emphasize about the portability of the business service segments. Flexibility is something that every organization and even the employees seek. Both users and service providers want to have access to business platforms powered by technology from anywhere. Esignature and business contract signing meet this requirement quite well.

Specifically, it assists the HR departments hugely. It is reliable enough during the urgencies. Things have gone much encouraging for such concepts powered by high-end technicalities ensuring speed. Modern-day data-oriented technology makes it a flawless concept to be adapted. In short, there is a perfect platform set for this technology to be adapted. From these perspectives, the future is obviously assured.

There are a number of reasons to adopt electronic signature. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should adopt Electronic Signature for Your business.

3. Studies suggest about its bright future

There is no scarcity of studies and speculations regarding esignature and business contract signing. It is quite a feasible option for large scale organizations. The interesting part, as per the studies, is that the technology is speculated to associate with ecommerce sectors as well. In fact, studies claim that its adaptation in the retail sector is going to increase by two times in upcoming years.

These studies are based on the investments being made by the leading technology companies on esignature and business contract signing. Focus is being given more towards the retail sectors by these tech houses. In this context, the emphasis is being given towards making things as cost-effective as possible.

4. Encouraged by digitization

Digitization or online presence of the business groups is highly encouraging for the esignature and business contract signing. It is evident that almost every industry has an online presence these days. Such online modes of transaction and operations always prioritize simpler access and quicker processing.

After all, productivity is something that every organization wishes for. Needless is to say that esignature and business contract signing fits this bill quite well. It is accessible and cuts shorts the number of steps involved. Naturally, the process becomes faster. With faster processing, productivity is obvious to grow. All these aspects assure the future of the industry quite well.

5. Easiest to be implemented

Ease of adaptation is the primary reason behind esignature and business contract signing getting such popular. The way it seamlessly gets adapted to the needs of the businesses is quite well. This is because these technologies address the core aspects of business administration.

The entire aspects, starting from preparing the draft to sending the same, everything becomes a matter of a few clicks. There remains no fear of missing documents, missing signatures, etc. It is quite automatic in its way. From this perspective, the concept is quite bright with its future.

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6. Assured from legal perspectives

Modern-day businesses involve various complexities related to contract signing. This is done to avoid the legal complexities at all level. Enterprises prepare contract documents articulately, specifying each point thoroughly. These are done to avoid legal issues in the future. At the same time, it is equally important for the concerned employee to have thorough clarity on these aspects. For a new recruit to go through all these details is obvious to be time-consuming.

Things get especially tough with conventional paper-based documents. However, things are much simpler these days powered by esignature technologies. It helps the HR professionals in conveying the terms well. Similarly, going through the terms through such technology modes is way simpler. Taking all these into account, the future of business contract signing can indeed be claimed to be the brightest.

7. No concerns of security

Be it about esignature or any other technology; it needs to be secured enough to be acceptable. From that perspective, e-signature is indeed a reliable concept. The best part is that it is reliable enough for all industries. It is already tested and proven. Moreover, the future of business contract signing is expected to be enriched with much-advanced security features.

First of all, there is no hassle of dealing with a huge bulk of paperwork. It means there is no threat of missing any document. Powered by high-end technicalities, the privacy aspects of data remains very much ensured. Through advanced digital storage, it makes things absolutely easy for HR professionals. In addition, there remains high-end user verification for using electronic signatures for better protection.

Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures are two similar looking terms but are different from each other. Check out the difference between the two i.e. Digital Signature vs Electronic Signature

8. Associated technologies equally enriched

It’s not just that e-signature technology is a security enriched technology. Rather, the associated technicalities for it are equally fulfilling these days as well. For example, the servers in modern times are much secured, encouraging the technologies of such. This enables the secured storing of contracts using electronic signatures. At least it is far better than the conventional mode of files and paper-based documents.

9. Providing incredible control

The level of control that esignature provides for the users, as well as the organizations, is incredible. Tracking things, like whether the contracts are gone through, is much easier through these technicalities. In fact, it can be tracked when the concerned party or staff signed the documents. In other words, e-signature and business contract signing provide the much-needed transparency.

It was never as assured as it is at present. Specifically, the managers and HR professionals don’t have to feel baffled in any aspect. This is high confidence-boosting and productive for the organizations. With greater control, business forecasts can be made much accurately. Now it is obvious for e-signature and business contract signing technology to be highly acceptable. This ensures its bright future.

10. Acceptable being corruption-free

There is absolutely no chance of anything illegal to occur through this technology. This avoids the corruption occurring at the higher levels of top corporate houses and the government houses. In fact, it is possible to prove the identity of the party signed the contract or the documents as well. Moreover, it assures the organization proving that the party was aware enough prior to sign it.

This is a great accomplishment that any organization would seek. Top corporate houses have already adapted this. Smaller and mid-range companies are also expected to get attuned to it in a very short time. Keeping all these in the eye claims that electronic signature is the future of business contract signing holds the absolute truth.

Thinking to adopt electronic signature for your business? Here are the points you need to consider while choosing an e-signature vendor.

11. Saving numerous costs for documenting

It’s not just that electronic signature is efficient and safe. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the technology is the way it saves the budget for the concerned organization. First of all, it nullifies the paper works associated. The needs of printing, Xerox, scanning, etc. also get zeroed. It means there is no need to have equipment meant for these purposes.

This discovers space or the entire office can remain functional at the lesser premises. Needless is to say about the growing cost of office rents. Similarly, there are no threats of costs associated with color, stamps, pins, files, etc. High-end papers used for making bonds and contracts are pretty expensive. However, through e-signature, there is no need to worry about such expenses. In short, the technology saves the budget of the organization in a great way.

12. Preferred for reducing manpower and technology costs

Apart from the discussed above points, technology helps in lessening the manpower requirements as well. No need for hiring separate staffs for separate tasks like printing, scanning, etc. A single person can achieve all these at the fingertip using the technology. Moreover, it reduces the level of burden on HR professionals in a great way.

There is no need to employ a person simply to maintain different registers. Through automation of data keeping, report generation also gets swifter. Here one doesn’t need to hire special staff for report generation only. It can be claimed that there is no need to use different tools for different purposes with e-signature tool.

The cumulative cost of different technologies and their operators can be saved by an all-inclusive e-signature tool. In short, the speculations like electronic signature is the future of business contract signing are absolutely true. It is going to revolutionize the entire business segment.

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Top 10 Ways to Future Proof Your Esignature Investment

In the technology-driven times, many people and organizations have their own electronic signature. The electronic signature solution will basically enable a business to enhance its level of compliance. It will be possible as relevant rules will be in place throughout the signing workflow. An electronic signature can definitely give you an edge as it is in sync with the innovative times. The innovative approach will maximize the overall work efficiency of your organization.

It is extremely important to future proof your esignature investment. Such an approach will enable you to use your esignature in a flexible manner. In case you think that the process will be complex, you are mistaken.

Here’re Top 10 Ways to Future Proof Your Esignature Investment

1. Focus on the document and signature security

In the online setting, security is an extremely important area that you just cannot ignore. While making your esignature investment future proof, you must try to ensure that holistic security is in place. Security should be a top priority not just for the esignature but also for the content of different digital documents. For example, people in the business backdrop should not be able to delete esignature from any documents without prior approval. There is a need to focus on critical security aspects to strengthen the electronic signature solution of your business.

Here’s a complete guide to the e-signature security checklist and rules. Follow this and generate a secure electronic signature for your business!

2. Vendor flexibility is key

One of the best ways to future proof your esignature investment is to focus on vendor flexibility. There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself. For instance, you must understand whether your vendor is completely willing to find the best solution that meets your requirements. The commitment of the vendor will play an integral role as it will influence your signature significantly. The vendor must act in a flexible manner so that he can resolve any issues that come in your path.

The level of flexibility of your vendor is of paramount importance to employ a robust esignature investment. You will be able to derive maximum benefit from your electronic signature in a safe and secure manner.

Thinking to adopt electronic signature for your business? Here are the points you need to consider while choosing an e-signature vendor.

3. Conduct static audit trials

For the purpose of future-proofing your esignature investment, you have to make sure that the solution provides holistic insight. In other words, the esignature solution must shed light on the entire signing workflow. In addition to this, the process must also reproduce basic details and information about the signature scenario. You need to focus on this aspect as it will help to employ the best electronic signature solution.

Audit trails can play a vital role when it comes to electronic signature scenarios. The simple processes can highlight vital aspects that can improve the overall effectiveness of the paperless signs.

In addition to this, you can also focus on active audit trials. You have to keep in mind whether the signature solution allows you to replay the entire signing workflow or not. Such a holistic approach will help you to future proof your esignature investment.

4. Flexibility of deployment

You must not face any hassles to deploy your signature. For instance, the digital solution must be simple and easy to deploy on-premise and on the public or private clouds. You have to make sure that your signature solution is flexible in nature. It must not restrict your business transactions and activities in any manner. One of the best ways to future proof your esignature investment is to ensure flexible deployment.

The flexibility in deployment will ensure that the digital solution does not affect the workflow in an adverse manner. Such an approach can help your business in the long run. When you plan to expand your business in the future, a careful esignature investment will make things much simpler and easier for you.

5. Authentication process

In order to ensure that the electronic signature investment is future proof, you have to pay attention to the authentication process. Various authentication processes like digital certificates, emails, and passwords, tokens and smartcards need to be given importance. The solution that you choose can be future proof only if it does not give rise to bottlenecks and complexities.

A high level of flexibility in terms of authentication can help you with the electronic signature solution. The simplification in the authentication process can help you to streamline the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the digital solution.

There are a number of reasons to adopt electronic signature. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should adopt Electronic Signature for Your business.

6. Better alignment of workflow

The electronic signature that you have chosen for your business will have major implications on the work processes and activities. In case you want to make your electronic signature investment future proof, then give special attention to the workflow. The digital and paperless signature must support a variety of workflow elements. If you want to enjoy the core benefits of electronic signature, then its alignment with the processes is a necessity.

The streamlining of the electronic signature solution of your business with the business processes can give you a competitive edge. You need to ask simple questions to yourself so that your firm’s electronic signature can act as a major strength. For example, you need to understand how the solution will enable you to simplify and customize the signing workflow. The answer to these questions will help you to make your esignature solution future proof.

7. Adopt responsive and flexible solutions

One of the core objectives is to enjoy the benefits of the best electronic signature solution. In order to achieve this dream, the signature solution must offer adequate support to the existing processes and technologies. The solution must basically help you to take advantage of other technologies that can be beneficial for your business undertaking.

If your business has a restricted level of resources, you must invest in a solution that meets your specific needs. For example, opt for an electronic signature investment where you can make the payment on a monthly basis. Thus, flexibility in terms of solution can help you to employ the perfect electronic signature solution for your organization.

8. Use a flexible device

Many businesses ignore the fact that device flexibility can play a key role in future-proofing your electronic signature investment. While making an investment in the perfect esignature solution, ensure that the electronic signature solution will focus on optimization. It must enable you to enhance and optimize the user experience. In addition to this, the innovative approach must help you by simplifying the workflow processes for you. If you want to have a dependable e-signature solution, you must give priority to the device that you are using.

Business undertakings are currently using a wide range of computing devices to carry out the business operations. Some of the common devices are personal computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many more. The e-signature solution should be device flexible in nature. In other words, you should be able to use the paperless signature conveniently on any device. The type of equipment that you are using must not affect the performance of the electronic signature.

Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures are two similar looking terms but are different from each other. Check out the difference between the two i.e. Digital Signature vs Electronic Signature

9. Efficiency of channel

You cannot make decisions relating to esignature investment in isolation. You have to make sure that the paperless approach has a positive implication on the experience of the users. So remember to pay attention to the flexibility and simplicity of the channel. While making the investment decision to future proof your signature, try to enhance the user experience. For example, focus on distribution channels and other customer-facing channels such as mobile, call center, and/or retail.

Your signature solution must not just streamline the workflow, but it should positively affect the user or customer experience.

10. Sectional Signalling

A majority of the businesses in the current times involve several participants. While making your esignature investment future proof, you have to be sure whether the sectional signing option is available or not. You have to be sure whether your electronic signature solution digitally signs the content every time someone new signs. It will help you to keep a tab on how the paperless sign is used by your business undertaking. A clear understanding of history will ensure your esignature is under control. Careful and strategic investment in esignature is all you need to streamline your business processes.


It is extremely important to future proof your esignature investment. It will ensure that you can use the electronic signature in a convenient manner. Your business will enjoy various benefits of electronic signature for sure. You do not have to worry about any complexities and hurdles. Future-proofing is a necessity that will help you to adapt to the evolving online business environment.

Thus, employ suitable methods to future proof your electronic signature investment and enjoy its benefits. By focusing on the key areas, you will not have to worry about the security aspects. In addition to this, you can involve in constantly evolving customer and business transactions without any hassles. Follow the simple tips as they will ensure that you will taste success with your esignature solution. The simple considerations can play a vital role and help you to deploy the best esignature solution for your business.

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Benefits of E-Signatures for HR Department

E-signature is already on a roll. Many renowned enterprises have already adopted this. Among all, the benefits of e-signatures for the HR department are indeed most of all. Electronic signature software provides a higher level of convenience in comparison to the old school method of signing the documents. It is more hectic for the HR department to deal with the paper documents as they have to deal with a variety of those.

For example, starting from contracts, bank documents, to various agreements, they have to deal with all. There is no need to handle any such hassles through e-signature. At the same time, making things simpler, it assures them from safety-related concerns as well. E-signature is a much effective mode of operating, which enables HR professionals to handle things in the least possible time. Naturally, the productivity level can be increased.

Use of electronic signatures for contracts has been widely accepted. Here’re the 10 ways electronic signatures are changing how contracts are signed.

Almost every industry is digitized in the modern era. In fact, even the production and manufacturing units are digitally enriched. On such occasions, HR departments are obviously expected to make the most of the e-signature software.

The following abstracts discuss the benefits of the e-signatures for HR department in a broader way

Hastens the process of recruitment and other formalities

The primary work of the HR department is indeed to handle recruitment affairs. And, one of the primary benefits of e-signature for the HR department is that it makes those tasks look easier. Needless is to say that the HR work processes involve various kinds of formalities. Starting from document checking to signing on different documents, it involves various steps. E-signature software can turn these tasks into minuscule affairs. Naturally, much precious time in the department can be saved. Documentation and the formalities often delay the joining process of new talents for the organizations. It also delays the hiring process. Such delays affect productivity greatly. One of the major benefits of e-signatures for the HR department is to end such delays to a great extent.

Reduces extraneous tasks:

HR departments often involve a range of unwanted works like printing, scanning, Xerox, etc. All these things involve various machinery installations. There remain issues of maintenance of these devices, their performance lagging, etc. All these things ultimately delay the process and affect productivity. On the other hand, one of the prominent benefits of e-signature for the HR department is that there are no such hassles here. It’s a smart way that can be addressed in the least possible time. Making things faster, the technology turns it much cost-effective as well.

It encourages automation

E-signature for the HR department enhances the process through incredible automation. Specifically, the hectic administrative tasks can be greatly enhanced through such technicalities. In fact, the entire paperwork needs can be digitized for them. The whole talent acquisition process can be streamlined through such technical mode. Moreover, it is quite simple as a process that can be easily handled by even the older generation people.

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Makes things easy for the younger generation to adapt to

HR departments often pay a lot of emphasis on hiring young manpower. Technologies like e-signature can indeed be impressive for them. Not just the staff from other departments, the budding talents from the HR departments also would prefer having such tools. It provides them the ease of functioning. Considering the fact that most of the modern-day youth is tech-oriented, such technicalities always interest them. They don’t need much special training to learn the working ways of the HR department. This is indeed one of the prominent benefits of e-signature for the HR department. They would love handling problems through such high-end technicalities; rather than the old-schooled paper works.

Reporting turns easier like never before

One of the major challenges that the HR departments face is regarding reporting. They have to submit reports of different kinds to the managers or other department heads. Specifically, the reporting of documentation status is one of the most challenging affairs for them. It is understandably tough for them to produce such documents in real-time. However, the benefit of e-signature for the HR department is that it makes such a report generation process look simpler. Through regular ways, various kinds of confusions are obvious to appear. For example, the HR professionals remain in dilemma whether the candidate received the file, checked it, etc. In addition, they have to check whether the candidate has signed at each of the points. In case some mistake occurs, the process turns even longer. However, through the benefits of e-signature for the HR department, such issues can be totally reduced.

It’s updated and always available for urgencies:

HR departments often have to deal with the urgencies. They are asked to submit a report in a hurry and also fulfill certain formalities. All these are indeed time-consuming processes in traditional ways. However, through technical options like e-signature software, things have gone much simpler. The prime benefit of e-signature for the HR department is that it enables the department to stay updated about the entire affair. No more probable answers by the HR professionals as these tools deliver an exact answer.

There are a number of myths about the e-signature. Here’re top 10 electronic signature myths and facts behind them.

Provides flexibility of working; no place constraint

One of the top benefits of e-signatures for the HR Department is in terms of the flexibility it provides. Specifically, it is much more helpful for HR managers than others. It enables them to work from home, or anywhere else in the world they would wish to. Officials who often have to travel a lot and still have to report can find these technicalities absolutely useful. It also provides them the leeway of working as per their comfort zone. This means they can maintain the workflow despite relaxing somewhere. Naturally, this boosts the overall productivity of the organization. In fact, they can communicate with the employees of the organization from any point.

Cost-effective in many ways

Being cost-effective is of the top benefits of e-signatures for the HR department. Though it appears like an expensive aspect, it saves the budget for the department in reality. First of all, the expenses associated with affairs like printing, scanning, Xerox, etc. get reduced. In addition, the expenses involving stamping, inks, paper, etc. get reduced significantly. Digital documentation needs no special management, as well. There is also no need to spend money on courier related affairs. As there is no requirement for Xerox, printer, etc. devices, the space required can be greatly reduced. Overall, the expenses related to administration tasks get nominal as possible. One doesn’t even need to worry about maintaining the documents. Through e-signature software, any document can be generated from any point anywhere. All these aspects save money for the organization.

Maintains utmost transparency

Through the benefits of e-signature adoption in the company, the recruitment process can be greatly hastened. Moreover, it maintains incredible clarity overall. It allows the concerned employee to go through the documents thoroughly. The points of confusion can be thus cleared instantly. Moreover, they can sign those digitally immediately. Earlier through traditional ways, it was quite tough for an employee to go through a range of documents, agreements, etc. E-signature software enables them to enjoy this facility from any point. It thus assures the concerned company from legal perspectives as well. The candidate also feels confident regarding transparency. All in all, a better deal is settled between both the parties.

Use of electronic signature can bring several benefits to you. If you have any doubt regarding the use of electronic signature, read out these 10 reasons to adopt e-signature for your business.

Maintains simplicity

One of the major benefits of e-signature adoption in the company is the simplicity it provides for the concerned company. Needless is to say that there remains a great range of documents that the employees have to go through. It’s the duty of the HR department to prepare these documents and maintain them as well. Handling things manually is always challenging for any HR professionals. However, high-end e-signature tools have made things look absolutely simpler. These benefits of e-signature adoption in the company maintain a good relationship between the employees and the department. Most importantly, it doesn’t disturb any of the parties. No workflow is disturbed as well through the course. Obviously, this is something that every company would wish for.

Smarter safety awareness:

Keeping employees aware of the security norms of an organization is the duty of the HR department. In general, these safety guidelines involve a huge number of documents. The concerned employees have to go through various complicated terms and conditions. However, through the uses of e-signature for the HR department, these issues look much simpler than ever. The best part about these tools is that it maintains things in an updated fashion. In fact, the staffs get the details regarding the security norms in a spontaneous way. This reduces pressure from the HR department.

Smarter environmental awareness

Not just the safety-related norms, the HR depart has to guide employees regarding environmental policies as well. Now through the uses of e-signature for the HR department, these works look much more strategic and simpler. At the same time, lesser paper consumption also is a great step towards environmental benefits. It saves time for the HR department that would have wasted in educating. This enables them to focus on other works, which ultimately improves functionality and productivity.

So, using electronic signature for HR department is a great idea. Don’t think much and take the right decision and incorporate electronic signature to experience the great benefits of electronic signature. for HR department.

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