Top 10 Reasons to Go Paperless

Going paperless is a new trend in the current digital era. Let’s check out the top reasons to go paperless by adopting e-signature and how it will benefit your business!

Digital transformation has taken almost every industry by storm with many enterprises adopting new and innovative technological alternatives to legacy systems. The advantages of the digital revolution extend across all domains of business operations.

So, if you are searching for reasons to go paperless, then you might have decided to go for digital transformation. However, there are many doubts that are maybe revolving around your mind regarding the adoption of paperless solutions.

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Most Common Reasons to Go Paperless

Electronic signatures are the most common and easily available options for turning your business into a paperless one. Other than the advantage of reducing the burden of managing loads of paper-based official documents, there are many reasons to answer the question of “why go paperless”.

The following discussion dives into some of the important reasons for which you should consider shifting to a paperless environment.

1. Better Access to Data

One of the foremost reasons to go paperless is the ability for finding information quickly. Estimates indicate that employees spend roughly 30% of their time scouting for paper documents. On the other hand, documents in the electronic form are very easy for filing, and you can find them easily.

The facility of indexing for electronic documents by leveraging critical data such as document type, user-defined criteria, or date simplifies the search for essential documents. Most important of all, you can also utilize a full-text search mode for quick and straightforward access to business documents.

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2. Faster Execution of Business Processes

The next important reason to go paperless should reflect on the benefits of electronic signature for the speed of business processes. Digital forms can streamline various business processes alongside saving time on document printing, in-person meetings, and storage of hard copies.

Paperless solutions such as electronic invoices can help in saving money as well as time on professional printing of paper forms or sending paper documents. In addition, paperless solutions such as electronic payment and digital checks can help in effective control over cash flow.

3. Simplify the Work for Your Employees

Happy employees also account for one of the important reasons to go paperless. Employees don’t have to spend time in printing documents, waiting for customers to fill the forms, scanning the completed papers, and attaching the files to digital records. With a paperless environment, you can enable your employees to participate in high-value interactions for the business.

Rather than wasting time on menial tasks, employees can commit additional time for customer service and satisfaction. Furthermore, the paperless environment also fosters the prospects for automation of routine tasks, thereby improving the ease of team collaboration.

4. Customer Satisfaction Levels Improve Considerably

When your employees are happy, then you can get additional reasons to focus on the benefits of a paperless environment. The faster execution of business processes and better collaboration between employees prepare your organization for serving customers better.

For example, using electronic signatures with documents delivered to customer inboxes can help your business show to customers that you care about their time. Customers want to feel empowered to make their own choices such as filling out online forms, placing orders, or finding company information. Therefore, the adoption of paperless solutions can help you make your customers feel convenient in using your services.

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5. Considerable Savings on Paper Supplies

Among the many reasons to go paperless, the cost benefits will always have a prominent mention. Just think of the expenses that go into the purchase and maintenance of paper, ink, and printer replacement and maintenance. In addition, you also have to dole out precious dollars for the maintenance of file storage and professional document shredding services.

Even though the individual cost of these supplies appears to be trivial, the total cost can be astoundingly surprising. So, the adoption of electronic signatures can help a business save considerable money that could be redirected towards other essential needs.

6. Accuracy of Information

Not only does a paperless environment show better improvement in organizational performance but it also ensures accuracy. Electronic signatures have become an increasingly prominent explanation of why we go paperless. Now, customers don’t have to hurry to fill up forms.

Therefore, they are more likely to enter information more accurately and carefully according to their convenience. Furthermore, in the case of employees, the digital workflow and documentation limit the requirements for manual input of information. As a result, discrepancies in document management decrease gradually alongside the chances of misfiling documents.

7. Show Your Commitment to the Environment

The US alone consumes almost 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year in offices. Therefore, the massive impact of paper used in offices on our environment is one of the profound reasons to go paperless. So, businesses can go paperless and exercise their social responsibility towards the environment of our planet. Most important of all, customers can perceive your business as a supporter of a cause for safeguarding the environment.

8. The flexibility of Carrying Business Operations

If you are wondering about the answer to “why use electronic signature”, then think of the flexibility you get. Office operations will no more be limited to the office space only. Transforming to the paperless route can help you reach your customers wherever they are.

You also don’t have to worry about employees not being able to come to the office due to any circumstance. Paperless solutions allow employees to work from their home easily and report in the form of electronic documents, complete purchases, or execute contracts effortlessly.

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9. Advantages of Security

The adoption of electronic signature also presents one of the vital reasons to go paperless. Electronic signatures add another layer of security for your business documents. For example, the audit trail with electronic signatures can pinpoint the individuals responsible for modifications in a document.

In addition, the facility of authorized access only for electronic documents and backup and recovery systems can present additional safeguards for your data.

10. Customize Your Business Documents Easily

The final mention among reasons to go paperless is the facility of customizing business documents. In addition, businesses can also ensure the document management systems can cater to their unique needs. For example, you can create personalized forms and reports tailored to your unique business processes.

Bottom Line

Now, you can clearly identify the benefits that your enterprise can avail by shifting to a paperless environment. Other than the quick access to documents and improved efficiency of business operations, there are many other benefits of paperless solutions. So, go green, go paperless.

Presently, electronic signatures present the most favorable instrument for transforming into a paperless route. However, you have to be careful in the selection of an ideal electronic signature solution.

Before taking the decision for digital transformation, enterprises should prepare for the initial capital expenditures required. In the long run, enterprises can gain promising returns on their investment in paperless solutions.

So, take the right decision now and prepare a new foundation for the future of your business!

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